Midwest Book Review:

Ive read numerous books of this type but never has one revealed so much in so little space. Barnard reveals her life from the beginning in England to moving to Florida. She tells her many years of painful incidents and how her personality was affected by all that happened to her. She then relates how she began to have out of body experiences, and that she suddenly had ability to write and draw. She points out that before any of this took place she had never written anything and could not even draw a straight line. She believes the writing and art are the result of her being tied into a woman who lived in England in the late 1800s who lived in the same area not far from Sally in England. She tells that their artwork is very similar, that the out of body happenings all occurred from three am to four am. She began to write poetry, then moved on to telling her story in this book and she is constantly striving to make her writing stronger. The poetry and drawings are interesting. She gives explanations for the pieces for those who would like to know what they are, according to her. I, on the other hand, prefer to not read them so that I can have my own interpretation The reading is easy and there is a lot many can learn from this fascinating work.

– Gary Roen

Dear Sally,

I wanted to let you know how much your book encouraged me to release my fear of the unknown.  Reading what you experienced helps me feel the sense of freedom that you’ve come to know and that I hope to feel in time. The healing – releasing session that I had with you made me realize how gifted you really are. Your answers to my questions were validating and confirming. Your knowing was right on and your method is truly unique. I love having the art work because it helps me to remember what you told me.

– Laurie


I was most impressed – amazed that someone with no previous experience could produce such accomplished work.

– Uri Geller


In addition to numerous radio interviews, Sally has also been featured on well known “X” Zone radio show. Sally has also been chronicled in many newspapers and magazine articles.


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