Spiritual Art by Sally Barnard

Former real estate agent, Sally is currently an outsider art styled artist, poet, and writer. She was born in London and then moved to the United States, where she currently resides. Sally Barnard has created over 100 paintings as well as 150 drawings of Outsider and Folk Art. All of her paintings are unique and one of a kind. Outsider and Folk Artists paint from their mind, using the paint brush as their tool. Ms. Barnard’s paintings are intriguing, intricate, and colorful. Many of Sally’s images reflect thoughts pertaining to her past and present. experiences. Her paintings are so image intense, that the more you explore them you will begin to visualize the details each painting entails. Every individual will have their own interpretation of Sally’s versatile artistic style.

Paintings are done on canvas with acrylic paint. Contact Sally for information on original art.